VAX 4 $500

VAX 4 $500.00
The Ho-Chunk Nation COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program

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The Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health is proud to announce a new cash incentive program to encourage all Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Members and current Ho-Chunk Nation Employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as well as reward those who have already made the decision to be protected through vaccination.

Vaccination is the most effective and long-lasting tool for protection from this infection. The Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health continues to encourage anyone vaccine eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • This incentive is available to all Ho- Chunk Nation Tribal Members who are vaccine eligible and all current Ho-Chunk Nation Employees.
  • Tribal Members and Employees who are already fully vaccinated are also eligible to receive the cash incentive.
  • The $500.00 cash incentive will be available for application processing starting August 30,2021 through November 1, 2021.
  • You must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 via a vaccine listed in the chart above and submit proof of full vaccination as well as identification verification by no later than 2 weeks after the incentive time period ends or November 15, 2021.
  • Payments to eligible participants will be processed in the order that they are received and verified.
  • Program verification of your vaccine series is dependent on the successful submission of valid documents. No hand-written attestation documents will be allowed as any form or proof of vaccination.
  • Program staff may take up to (20) twenty business days to process your incentive payment.
  • Tribal Enrollment numbers and Employee Identification numbers are used to ensure your cashpayment is processed correctly; using Lawson Financial Software, and your banking information that is on-file with the Department of Treasury. Tribal Members MUST attach enrollment verification. Employees MUST attach employment verification. (i.e. enrollment cards, badges)
  • Only one (1) $500.00 cash incentive payment will be processed per-individual under the terms of this program.
  • If perhaps your Treasury Payroll file is not in order to produce the cash incentive ACH deposit to your bank account, a representative from the Department of Health will contact you requesting further documents, such as a W-9 or applicable items, to remedy the matter.
  • All cash incentive payments will be verified by the Department of Health Finance Division and routed for ACH processing via the Ho-Chunk Nation Treasury and Payroll Department.
  • Vendors of the Ho-Chunk Nation and independent contractors are not eligible for this incentive program.
  • HOW TO CLAIM YOUR INCENTIVEHo-Chunk Tribal Members and Ho-Chunk Nation Employees that have completed their vaccination series can apply starting August 30, 2021!Email us at and attach the following documents to expedite your cash!
    It is MANDATORY to include with your email, along with your identification verification, submission ofthe APPLICATION FORM and one of the following items:A printout of your Wisconsin Immunization Registry record (or applicable State Agency, for those living outside of Wisconsin) ORA copy of your completed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC-issued COVID vaccination card ORA printout of your vaccination status report from the Provider who vaccinated you
  • You must be able to show you have received all required doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or your submission will not be able to be verified and payment will not be made.
  • No phone call submissions or self-attestations will be allowed or used as eligible documentation.
  • If you accidentally forget to attach the requested information please resubmit a new email withall of the proper documentation included.
  • You will receive an automated reply from as proof we received youremail submission, however, this specific reply is only a guarantee your submission was sent tothe proper email address for the cash incentive program.
  • No questions will be replied to or answered via the email address.

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