General Council Planning nearly Finalized

Planning for the Ho-Chunk Nation’s 2021 Annual General Council (rescheduled from September) is underway. General Council Advocate Cari Fay is working on the site, transportation, voting options, and other logistics.

Fay has already announced that children will not be allowed to enter the facility. She points to Executive Director of Health Kiana Beaudin’s recommendations, considering that most kids would not have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated in time to safely gather indoors.

Tribal members are being asked to submit resolutions to the Office of General Council for a legal review in advance of the meeting. Eligible voters can expect that Fay will submit her own resolutions, at least one in which that could address allowing otherwise eligible tribal members to register, attend, and vote virtually.

A quorum of at least 20% of all eligible tribal members muat be present to adopt any rule allowing virtual attendance.

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