The Ho-Chunk Nation Supreme Court Agreed that the Legislature Acted Within its Scope of Authority in Adopting the Budget

The Ho-Chunk Nation Supreme Court upheld the sanctions of VP Thundercloud with a finding of contempt for calling a special meeting to keep the government funded and operating on behalf of our people.She paid the fine last year even before the case was concluded.

VP Karena Thundercloud released this statement: “There are people who will celebrate this decision regarding contempt. It was made based upon a feeling that I circumvented a court order to enact a critical budget extension before its expiration.”

“The decision to move forward with a budget was complex but easily justified. We needed the Nation to remain open for tribal members amid the uncertainty of the pandemic. Even the Supreme Court decision on the underlying case said, ‘In unprecedented times resulting from the pandemic, passing the 60-day budget was not only prudent, but wise given the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. The Legislature possessed the legal authority to adopt a continuing budget resolution.’

“I will continue to disagree with the way that this case was brought forward and handled but I’ve paid the fine and find comfort in having made the moral and intelligible decision.”

“I am honored to continue serving the Nation with selflessness and integrity. My wish is that others would start to do the same.”

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